jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Fino May 4th 2008 - Fino 4 Mayo 2008

This is our fourth podcast of the year 2008. We really liked and we hope you also like it a lot. Just a quick reminder that Fino Radio is still going thought a whole period of changes and now we have a radio station that runs 12 hrs per day.
If you like the podcast chances are that you will like the station, we have an amaizing playlist! So check it out!
This month, crazy amazing bands! in fact some of them we got to seen them on stage, and were even interviewed as part of our new project for Fino Radio.
Hope you like it a lot,
Any suggestions? Send an email to finoradio@gmail.com


Hola a todos:

Aquí esta la cuarta entrega de nuestro programa. Nos quedó muy bueno, así que espero que lo disfruten. Aprovecho para recordarles que la estación Fino Radio por internet sigue viva y en crecimiento. Si les gusta el podcast apoyen también la estación. Se sorprendarán...

Descarga Fino Mayo aqui

Esta semana música de:

The Teenagers, Cut Copy, IAMX, Ten Kens, Sally Shapiro y más.


Cut Copy-Heart On Fire (Australia)
Holiday-Everything You Say (New York)
Sally Shapiro-Find My Soul (Gothenburg)
Rubies-Too Bright (California)
The Teenagers-Make It Happen (Paris)
IAMX-Nightlife (UK)
Costa Music-Feathers (New York)
Submarines-Pace & Hate (Los Angeles)
Ten Kens-Bearfight (Toronto)

E. Collinot Mayo 2008

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